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Transatlantic News Brief: Leaders Stress Importance of Atlantic Community

By The Streit Council Staff


US Has No Closer Partner than Europe, Says Obama, November 22, 2010 – EU Observer – Valentina Pop

After meeting with EU Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on Saturday for an EU-US summit, US President Barack Obama emphasized the value of such meetings, stating that the US “has no closer partner than Europe.”  The two-hour session between the leaders was an exercise in demonstrating how well the transatlantic relationship can work, with the leaders choosing not to discuss matters of contention.  The leaders could point to few concrete outcomes from the summit, however.  A “working group” on cyber security was created to report back to the leaders in a year and the leaders agreed to step up work on the Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) with the aim of looking at regulatory regimes and business-friendly climate on both sides of the Atlantic. (Read More)

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