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Thank you for your interest in our Existential Risk and Democracy program. The world as we know it changed too quickly, and our website couldn’t keep up! We are reviewing our programs to reflect this reality. We do, however, remain more committed than ever to the unity of mankind through federal world government. International developments have only confirmed the necessity for more global integration and democratic reform.

In the meantime, here are both in-house and external sources for further reading on the topic of existential and catastrophic risk: 

    Streit Council and Affiliates Publications 

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Further Reading:

  • The Dangers of 'Catastrophic Consequences,' - Foreign Policy - Michael Auslin - October 21, 2022 - Read Here

  • A World Beyond Nuclear Weapons: Is it Feasible? - The Streit Council - William Maxwell Mayo - September 26, 2022 - Read Here

  • Climate Endgame: Exploring Catastrophic Climate Change Scenarios - PNAS - Luke Kemp, Chi Xu, Joanna Depledge, Timothy M. Lenton, Kerry Emanuel - August 01, 2022 - Read Here

  •  A Premonition of the Planetary Future - Noema - Nathan Gardels - September 9, 2022 - Read Here

  • No such thing as free donations? Research funding and conflicts of interest in nuclear weapons policy analysis - International Relations - Kjølv Egeland & Benoït Pelopidas - December 24, 2022 - Read Here

  • Dream-walking towards the planetoid bomb - 360 - Daniel Deudney - April 12, 2022 - Read Here

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