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Former Research Fellows

Zachary Jones is from Oklahoma City, and is currently working on his master's degree in Global Affairs at the University of Oklahoma. Zachary's policy concentration is in US foreign policy, superpower competition, and international security.

Dawson Jones is originally from Tonganoxie, Kansas. Dawson graduated from the University of Kansas with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Economics. Dawson is currently pursuing his M.A. in Statecraft and International Affairs with a specialization in European Regional Studies from the Institute of World Politics. Dawson is interested in Post-Brexit trade ties as well as cybercrime and cryptocurrency regulation in Europe.

Sara Leming holds her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Leadership, as well as her Master’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in European Union Policy Studies from James Madison University located in Florence, Italy. Before coming to the Streit Council, Sara worked abroad in Brussels, Belgium, where she worked as a trainee at the U.S. Mission to the European Union and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies. Most recently, Sara worked as a trainee policy adviser at the E.U. Delegation to the United Nations in New York City, NY. 

Joseph A. Elmo researched the interwar, the Second World War, federalism, American and European domestic and foreign policy, the international liberal order, and global issues. Joseph earned a Master of Arts in European History, Politics and Society from Columbia University in the City of New York; and a Bachelor of Arts – Summa Cum Laude – in Interdisciplinary History from the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. Joseph's main research interests included American, European, and intellectual history; the state and its discontents; and transatlantic and international relations. Joseph also served as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy.

Mitch Yoshida managed research and analytic projects, and published pieces on U.S. foreign policy, the European Union, and international order. He previously worked for the West European Studies and Science, Technology, America, and the Global Economy programs at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; the National Security Studies Program at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School; and the Council of Europe. Mitch holds an M.A. in International Relations from Yale University, where his studies centered on U.S. grand strategy and European affairs, and a B.A. in International Relations, Economics, and History from Syracuse University.


Charles Marsh joined as a Research Assistant at the start of 2019, and then served as a Research Fellow. Having earned an MSc in Global Politics from the University of Southampton in 2018, Charles has since worked as the Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly Intern at the World Federalist Movement, and during this time with the organization, was involved in establishing a Campaign for a UNPA branch in the UK. Charles has also volunteered as a Researcher for the CANZUK Campaign. Charles' research interests include Transnational Institutionalism, Global Governance and the Global Proliferation of Democracy.

Callie Le Renard is an Associate Professor at the Center for Applied Strategic Learning at National Defense University. Callie joined The Streit Council as a Research Fellow in September 2011. Callie holds a PhD in Public Policy at George Mason University where her focus was on European integration in the energy security policy sector. Callie has worked as a research consultant for the Institute for Defense Analyses, and as Managing Editor for Foreign Policy Bulletin. Callie also holds an MPP with an emphasis in International Relations from Pepperdine University, and a B.A. in Philosophy from California State University, Hayward.

Griffin Huschke is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Griffin was a Research Fellow with The Streit Council starting in October 2010. Griffin gained experience with transatlantic issues as a Research Assistant at the Atlantic Council’s Energy and Environment Program and at the European-Atlantic Group in London, UK. Before coming to The Streit Council, Griffin served as a Human Terrain Analyst Candidate for BAE Systems. Griffin's research interests include transatlantic security, culture formation and national identity construction. Griffin holds a B.A. in International Relations from James Madison College at Michigan State University, and an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Chicago.

Jay T. Chittooran is a Semiconductor - Government Affairs - at Samsung Electronics. Jay joined The Streit Council as a Research Fellow in August 2009. Jay graduated with a Master's degree in International Relations with an emphasis on International Economic Development from Seton Hall University's Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations. Jay received his Bachelor's degree in International Studies and Political Science from Loyola University Chicago. Jay has worked with several organizations, including the British Embassy, Washington D.C., the United Nations Association, and the Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies. During his undergraduate years, Jay studied in Rome, Italy, where he learned about NATO Security/Defense policy under the guidance of former Acting Secretary General of NATO, Sergio Balanzino. Jay's research interests include transatlantic markets and multilateral organizations.

Michael Reilly is a Manager for Public Affairs and Engagement at Bell Flight. Michael starting working with The Streit Council in April 2009 as a Research and Communications Fellow. Michael earned a Master's degree in International Relations from St. John's University, and earned his Bachelor's degree in Political Science and German from Ball State University in his hometown of Muncie, Indiana. During Michael's undergraduate studies, he studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and also won a full-scholarship to study at Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet in Muenster, Germany. As a graduate student at St. John's Campus in Rome, Italy, Michael worked as a graduate assistant and was voted MA Student Representative. Michael's academic interests include transatlantic security, American Foreign Policy, and Russian Foreign Policy.

Delgerjargal (Degi) Uvsh is a Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University. Delgerjargal worked as a Research Fellow at The Streit Council starting in September 2009. Delgerjargal earned her Master's degree from University of Notre Dame in International Peace Studies in May 2009, and her Bachelor's degree from American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) in Political Science and European Studies in May 2007. Delgerjargal's research interests include political and economic challenges of international cooperation and securitization and democratization theories. Delgerjargal has done extensive research on the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy and UN Peacekeeping budget. Delgerjargal has also worked as an intern at the Parliament of Bulgaria and Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA).


Ian Reynolds joined The Streit Council in August 2008. During Ian's time with the organization, he was studying for an MA in Security Policy Studies from The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University. Ian earned a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina. While at the University of North Carolina, Ian was a captain of the Varsity Track and Field team and a three time Academic All-American. During the summer of 2007, Ian lived in the Republic of Yemen and improved his Arabic language skills while studying at the Yemen College of Middle Eastern Studies. At The Streit Council, Ian researched transatlantic security. 

Kyle Longton is a Chief Operating Officer at the American Foreign Service Protective Association. Kyle was as a Research Fellow for The Streit Council in September 2008. Kyle earned his MA in International Affairs at the Elliott School at the George Washington University, and earned his BA from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, in International Studies. While at Centre College, Kyle assisted the Associate Dean Nayef Samhat with research in global democracy and in class instruction. In the fall of 2006, Kyle studied European integration in Strasbourg. Kyle's research at The Streit Council focused on transatlantic environmental issues. 

Innokenty (Kes) Grekov is a Senior Trainer at Older Adults Technology Services. Innokenty joined The Streit Council in April 2008. Innokenty completed his graduate studies at Arizona State University. Innokenty worked at Human Rights First in New York, where he looked at the OSCE cooperation in combating racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. Innokenty has also worked as a Research Assistant at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, analyzing the role of Islam in the Ciscaucasian resistance to the Russian Imperial Rule. Innokenty's research interests include NATO, EU expansion, and human rights advocacy.

Sigurd Neubauer is the author of The Gulf Region and Israel: Old Struggles, New Alliances (Kodesh Press, 2020), and is the co-editor of The Gulf Crisis: Reshaping Alliances in the Middle East (Gulf International Forum, 2018). Sigurd was a Research Fellow for The Streit Council in March 2008. Sigurd has several years of experience in government relations, public policy and advocacy specializing in US foreign policy toward the Europe Union and the Middle East. Through his various professional assignments, Sigurd has published a series of analysis covering a wide range of foreign affairs issues ranging from: European foreign policy, economic and budgetary issues, and European responses to the Iranian presidential election and the issue of proliferation. On a volunteer basis, Sigurd directs the diplomatic outreach program on behalf of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). In 2004, Sigurd served as a political officer at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Sigurd is fluent in several languages including: French, German, Hebrew, Norwegian and Danish. Sigurd holds M.A. in Modern Jewish history, a B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in French Literature from Yeshiva University in New York. Sigurd’s research focuses on the transatlantic market and multilateral organizations such as the European Union, NATO, IAEA and OECD. 

Neil Bhatiya is a former Adjunct Fellow with the Energy, Economics, and Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. Neil was a Research Fellow for The Streit Council starting in August 2007. Neil holds a Master of Arts in History from The George Washington University, and a Bachelor’s degree in History from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. While at Marist College, Neil interned at the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, a non-profit organization which endeavors to use the example of the Roosevelts to impact current public policy thinking. Neil's research interests include American foreign policy and military history, especially the Second World War and early Cold War eras.

Emiliano Alessandri is a Non-Resident Scholar at the Middle East Institute. Emiliano holds a PhD in International History from the University of Cambridge. Emiliano also holds a Master's Degree in American Foreign Policy at the Paul H. Nitze School, Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) in Washington D.C., where he focused on the economic dimension of the transatlantic relationship and on the transformation of NATO after the end of the Cold War. Emiliano has been interested in enhancing the transatlantic relationship since he first approached the study of international politics at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Riccardo Monaco joined The Streit Council in January 2007. Riccardo obtained a Law degree at the University of Rome “La Sapienza,” with a specialization in European Union. In Italy, from 2002 to 2004, Riccardo collaborated with the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) and the Archivio Disarmo, leading extensive research on European law and armaments procurement; integration of European industrial/ technological base and defense markets; proliferation of small arms and light weapons (SALW); NATO and American defense & security policy. Riccardo obtained a Master’s degree at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, completing his dissertation on terrorism and the features of a successful counter-terrorism model. Before joining the Streit Council, Riccardo worked in the Legal Department of the European Ombudsman in Strasbourg, France.

Serban Popescu joined The Streit Council in January 2007. During Serban's time with the organization, he was a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. Serban received his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest, and holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Bucharest and a Master’s degree in Nationalism Studies from Central European University. Prior to joining the Streit Council, Serban interned at the Center for Future Security Strategies, Hudson Institute, and published a brief EU pre-accession report on Romanian immigration on the website of the Center for European Policy Analysis. Serban's interests include NATO reform, transatlantic security cooperation and American foreign policy.

Maggie Hummel joined The Streit Council in January 2007. Maggie received her Bachelor’s degrees at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in Government and Spanish in May 2005. During Maggie's tenure as an undergraduate, she studied in Madrid, Spain, where she gained extensive knowledge and strong interest in Spanish politics in the context of the European Union and transatlantic relations. During Maggie's time with the organization, she was a Master’s student in Latin American Studies at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Jason Rubin joined The Streit Council in January 2007. During Jason's time with the organization, he was working on his Master’s degree in International Affairs, with a focus on Europe and Eurasia, at The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Jason received his undergraduate degree in Sociology with a minor in Italian from the University of California at Los Angeles. Jason has worked in the private sector and in 2004 was an intern in the regional security office at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy. Jason has also worked as a Research Assistant at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C., researching the link between economic aid and trade policy in reducing global poverty. Jason's research interests include European Union integration and the role of intergovernmental institutions in global governance.

Nueteki Akuetteh is the Director Of Public Policy at Vulcan Inc. Nueteki joined The Streit Council in March of 2006. Nueteki received her Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in French from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. While at JMU, Nueteki worked as the assistant to the study abroad program coordinator to France and Switzerland and traveled extensively throughout Europe. It was during her stint in Europe that Nueteki became deeply interested in transatlantic relations. Nueteki also received her Master’s degree at the Center for European Studies at New York University. While at NYU, Nueteki worked with the Executive Director of the Center for Law and Security as a Research Assistant. Nueteki's research interests include the struggle against terrorism in the context of EU-US relations and French experience with terror as it pertains to European security policy.

Todd Linton joined The Streit Council as a Research Fellow in June 2006. During Todd's time with the organization, he was completing his Master’s degree in West European Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington. Todd received his undergraduate degree in History with a minor in French from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Todd has worked as a graduate assistant at Indiana University’s West European Studies National Resource Center, and in 2005, he was an intern in the economic section of the U.S. Embassy in Paris, where he researched the French telecommunications and nuclear energy industries. Todd's interests include U.S.-French bilateral relations, NATO, and American foreign and security policy.

Dario Zuddu joined The Streit Council in 2005. Dario obtained his first degree in law from the University of Genoa in 2001 and his Master's degree in International Affairs from the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University in 2005. Dario gave up a career as a lawyer to pursue his real passion: the advancement of transatlantic relations. Before undertaking graduate studies, in 2002 Dario worked at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Italy, dealing with international judicial cooperation. Dario participated in the negotiation of US-Italy agreements on the transfer of convicted persons. At SAIS, Dario concentrated on American foreign policy and international economics, with a dissertation on U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba and Vietnam. Dario has also worked as a researcher in U.S. foreign policy at the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Michal Safianik is a Desk Officer at European External Action Service. Michal graduated from the College of Europe, Natolin Campus, Poland in 2005 with a Master of Arts in European Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies. Michal also holds a Master of Arts in European Cultural Studies from the Jagiellonian University, Poland (2003) and a Master in International Relations from Hogskolan Dalarna, Sweden (2003). Michal is a co-founder of the Belarus Working Group which implemented a ‘European Belarus’ project in 2004 and 2005, and interned at the American University of Paris (2004) and at the Atlantic Council of the United States, Office of External Relations (2006). 

Jolita Zabarauskaite was a Streit Council Fellow between August 2005 and March 2006. Jolita is from Lithuania and acquired her Bachelor's Degree in Law from the Concordia International University of Estonia in Tallinn, Estonia. During that time Jolita also was an Erasmus Exchange student at the University of Helsinki, Finland for a semester in 2000. Jolita received her LL.M degree from the University of Cambridge, UK as a Chevening Scholar, and her LL.M in International Organizations from the Washington College of Law, American University as a Fulbright Scholar. Jolita had worked as Chief Inspector at the International Relations Division at the Customs Department of Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania in 2004. During her LL.M program in Washington, D.C. she became a Peace Fellow at the Public International Law and Policy Group, where she worked on drafting the Kosovo Constitution, preparing legal memoranda on different aspects of international law. Jolita also has interned with Human Rights First at its Washington, D.C. office. 

Michalis Persianis is the Corporate Affairs Director at Bank of Cyprus since 2015. Michalis earned his BA in Political Science from Rutgers University in 2002, and went on to earn an MA in International Economics and European Studies from John Hopkins University in 2005. At John Hopkins University, P. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Michalis worked on a research project entitled Deepening Trans-Atlantic Relations and Institutions: A Review of Current and Recent Proposals on Closer Legislative Cooperation and Closer Security Cooperation through NATO. The report provided analysis and evaluation of these proposals from a federalist perspective. The material was used as basis for recommendations of feasible steps in the direction of a deeper and more effective integration of the world democracies.

Thomas Wright is the Director of the Center on the United States and Europe, and a Senior Fellow in the Project on International Order and Strategy at the Brookings Institution. Thomas is also a contributing writer for The Atlantic, and a nonresident fellow at the Lowy Institute for International Policy. Thomas holds a doctorate from Georgetown University, a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge University, and a bachelor's and master's from University College Dublin.

Callie Le Renard
Griffin Huschke
Jay T. Chittooran
Michael Reilly
Degi Uvsh
Ian Reynolds
Kyle Longton
Kes Grekov
Sigurd Neubauer
Neil Bhatiya
Emiliano Alessandri
Riccardo Monaco
Serban Popescu
Maggie Hummel
Jason Rubin
Nueteki Akuetteh
Todd Linton
Dario Zuddu
Michal Safianik
Jolita Zabarauskaite
Michalis Persianis
Thomas Wright
Charles Marsh
Mitch Yoshida
Joseph A. Elmo
Sara Leming
Dawson Jones
Zachary Jones
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