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Issue Briefs, Policy Briefs, Commentary

Frequently published and concise analyses and opinion pieces on developments in transatlantic relations, world organization, and the study of federal paradigms.

Freedom & Union

The Streit Council's journal, with longer-form analysis and opinion on transatlantic and global challenges.

Books by Streit Council Board Members

Books by Streit Council Advisory Board Members

Publications by Clarence Streit

Clarence Kirschmann Streit was the founder of the Atlantic Union Committee and the Association to Unite Democracies, to which the Streit Council is a successor. He wrote multiple pieces arguing for uniting democracies and the principals of federalism.

Publications by Other Movement Leaders

Publications by William Clayton, Robert Strausz-Hupé, Norman Angell, Theodore Achilles, Christian A. Herter.

Past Newsletters

Monthly updates and articles deemed "must reads" by the Streit Council 

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