Freedom's Frontier - Atlantic Union Now

The Vast Opportunity the Two American Revolutions Offer Sovereign Citizens Today
by Clarence K. Streit

This is what I have learnt from America -- it is the amount, and I teach it again.
 -- Whitman, By Blue Ontario's Shore

Freedom & Union Press
Book I Copyright (c) 1961
Book II Copyright (c) 1940, 1949
Published with permission


Dedication & Commentary

Introduction: This Book's Aim


1. What Doest Thou Here?

2. The NATO Nations as Founders of the Union

3. Confederation Next -- Not Federation Now?

4. The U.S. Experiments with Confederation and Federation

5. British Riddle, French Mystère, American Enigma

6. Cancer Cell No. 1 in the Free Body Politic

7. Two American Revolutions Made You Sovereign

8. How the Civil War Kept You Sovereign

9. The Sovereignty You Gain by Atlantic Union

10. Union Now, the U.N. and World Government

11. We Must -- Like William Tell -- Aim High

12. Fourfold Fulfillment

13. Time for an Heroic Step Ahead

Last Word