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Existential Risks - External Resources


Research and Analysis:

The Atomic Bomb, Campbell Craig and Dallas Campbell, March 2022


Planetary Politics When the Nation-State Falters, Nathan Gardels, September 2021

Digital Governance and the Tragedy of the Commons, Virgilio Almeida, Fernando Filgueiras, and Francisco Gaetani, September 2021

Principles and Proposals for an Alliance of Democracies, Andreas Bummel, August 2021

Networked Planetary Governance, Anne-Marie Slaughter, August 2021

A Planetary View Should Overcome Outmoded Nationalism, Nathan Gardels, August 2021

Estate Planning for Humanity: We Must Tell Our Story to Extraterrestrial and Post-human Life, Jeff Hawkins, August 2021

A Digital Agenda for the Eastern Partnership, Kleibrink, Dirk Schattschneider, Nicu Popescu, June 2021

WHO Welcomes G7 Vaccine Pledge But Says More Needed Quickly, Nyla Samee, June 2021

Behind the European Union's Plan to Rewrite the Rules of Online Life, Nick Fouriezos, Rose Jackson, June 2021

Revisiting Roosevelt and Churchill’s ‘Atlantic Charter’, Paul Kennedy, July 2021

The Environmental Path to World Government?, Mark Beeson, August 2020

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